ROTE 020: Ian Cleary, The Social Media Tools Guy

Social media is every where. It’s completely changed the way people receive their news, post updates about what they are doing in life — and most especially how business and brands now engage with their customers and audience online.

With over 2 billion users spread across all of the major social networks, how is anyone supposed to know where to start or how to best deliver their content? It’s a loaded question… and so is the answer!

Through the use of social media tools and services, anyone can get a better hand on their social media activity while also measuring their results in the process.

This is exactly what we are going to be talking about in the latest episode of the Rise of the Entrepreneur.

Rise of the Entrepreneur – Episode 20 with Ian Cleary

Ian Cleary

Ian Cleary is a master at social media. You can pretty much name any social network and within seconds he can tell you what tools you should be using a how to make the most out of your social media efforts.

After Ian’s technology company was acquired back in 2005, he knew it was time to find something new… and that was social media. With everyone already taking about how to use Facebook, Twitter and all the major social networks, Ian took a different approach by focusing his efforts on all the tools and services that people should be using alongside these networks.

Within just a few months of starting his blog, it was already named one of the Social Media Examiner’s top ten social media blogs for 2013 and 2014.

Talking Points Discussed in this Episode:

  • How Ian found himself focused on social media
  • The importance of networking and building a personal brand
  • Ian’s amazing process to creating award winning blog posts
  • Best Wordpress plugins for SEO and social media
  • The best tools for managing your social media efforts
  • Ian lets everyone know why a visit to Ireland should be on their bucket list
  • Three great Q&A questions for Ian in the Pit of Fire

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