ROTE 028: Daniel Scocco Shares His Daily Blog Tips

The dream of traveling the world and running your own business that many of us not only wish for… but many of us have also accomplished.

Through the use of the internet, you have no limitations when it comes to potential, success and where you can work from. Sometimes it’s troubling just to think about why some of us currently live where we do — especially when you factor in the costs of living and how we could live like kings in other countries!

Whether it’s through blogging, affiliate marketing or even designing your own web and mobile based applications… the entrepreneurs of the internet truly are like no others.

This is exactly what we are going to be talking about in the latest episode of the Rise of the Entrepreneur.

Rise of the Entrepreneur – Episode 28 with Daniel Scocco

Daniel Scocco BlogWorld

Daniel Scocco a well known blogger, entrepreneur and programmer. Based out of Brazil, Daniel quickly discovered the benefits of starting an online business once his first sites started to make money with Google Adsense. It was then that he decided to share his tips and journey through a new site at DailyBlogTips. Through his many blogs and membership based learning site, Daniel has been able to make a full time living through the internet while also pursuing other opportunities such as traveling the world and programming web and mobile based applications.

Talking Points Discussed in this Episode:

  • How Daniel placed himself into the world of online marketing
  • Daniel’s first sites and how they lead to the creation of DailyBlogTips
  • Generating recurring income with a membership based site
  • How to create mobile and web applications
  • The process of going from site owner to app programmer
  • Traveling the world and running your online business from anywhere
  • Three great Q&A questions for Daniel in the Pit of Fire

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