ROTE 040: Jeni Hott and Becoming a Seven Figure Blogger

There are currently over 100 million blogs in the world today, but only a small fraction of them are actually making money.

It’s amazingly simple and cheap to get started with your own blog, but if you want to turn it into a real brand and business, you are going to need to cater to your audience and give them exactly what you want.

It’s also not about just creating “quality content”… it’s all about planning the direction of your blog before it even gets started. Everything from choosing the right niche, knowing how to provide content that your audience wants and making sure you have the right monetization methods in place for down the road.

Blogging isn’t about you… it’s about your audience.

This is exactly what we are going to be talking about in the latest episode of the Rise of the Entrepreneur.

Rise of the Entrepreneur – Episode 40 with Jeni Hott

Jeni Larson Hott

Jeni Hott is a seven figure blogger who has generated over 100 million visitors through her health and weight loss related blogs and forums.

The idea of starting a blog came to Jeni when she was unemployed and fed up with her current work situation. Jeni decided to take his efforts to the internet and created what would be one of the most success HCG diet and health sites on the internet. Through the use of high quality content and getting massive traffic back to her site, Jeni has been able to live comfortably off her earnings mainly generated through Google Adsense.

Today Jeni still runs her sites and continues to profit off them, but for the most part enjoys traveling the world and sharing her story of success with others.

Talking Points Discussed in this Episode:

  • The moment Jeni decided to change her life and business
  • How Jeni got into blogging and started her first site
  • Different ways to make money with a blog
  • Jeni’s three keys for life and business success
  • What most unsuccessful bloggers are doing wrong
  • Three great Q&A questions for John in the Pit of Fire

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