ROTE 060: Mike Salvaggio and How to Build an SEO Empire

SEO is still one of the most powerful and effective ways to drive high quality traffic and leads online. Once your site ranks at the top of the search results, you’ve eliminated the need to pay for traffic.

Of course getting to the top of the search results is easier said then done. Every site owner thinks they are an SEO expert, but with so many new changes being made by Google on a daily basis, it’s extremely tough to maintain your dominance for any high traffic keyword.

For times like these, many site owners will go to the experts to find what it takes to rank their site in the search results, the keywords they should target and the estimated costs to get there.

That’s exactly what we are going to be covering today in the latest episode of Rise of the Entrepreneur with Mike Salvaggio.

Rise of the Entrepreneur – Episode 60 with Mike Salvaggio

Mike Salvaggio SEO Brand

Mike Salvaggio is an entrepreneur and the Co-Founder and SEO Brand, a digital marketing agency.


An entrepreneur at heart, Mike and his partner got their start right out of business school as they were developing their own sites and seeing some great results through organic search listings. After seeing continued success with their own sites and earning a decent amount of revenue through affiliate marketing, they decided to try and scale the company to become a full-service SEO agency. Over the coming years, Mike and his partner would fund their SEO agency with their own money (through credit cards) and also slowly scale the company from just the two of them, to several employees and also two office locations in both the US and Canada. Today Mike and his team at SEO Brand now hand online marketing for some of the largest brands and businesses on the internet.

Talking Points Discussed in this Episode:

  • Mike’s journey and how he turned a side project into a million dollar business
  • Scaling a business from two people to offices and staff
  • The process behind SEO and learning what your clients need
  • SEO tactics every site owner can implement right now
  • Affiliate marketing and the rise of nutraceuticals
  • How going back to school made Mike a better entrepreneur
  • Three great Q&A questions for Mike in the Pit of Fire

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