ROTE 068: Nellie Akalp and How to Start a Business

As entrepreneurs, we want to focus on what we do best — which is marketing, making money and changing the world! The last thing we want to deal with is trying to figure out what type of business we should register form (LLC, Inc, etc.) and also dealing with high prices from legal counsel, attorneys and accountants.

Fortunately, along with the internet changing everything else in the world, it’s also changed how entrepreneurs can register and file their business identities as well. Through the use of various online resources and services, you can learn which identity is right for your business and can avoid the trip to your local attorney or accountant in the process.

It’s time to ditch the personal name and go legit with your business identity in the latest episode of Rise of the Entrepreneur with Nellie Akalp.

Rise of the Entrepreneur – Episode 68 with Nellie Akalp

Nellie Akalp CorpNet

Nellie Akalp is an entrepreneur and small business expert who specializes in helping entrepreneurs get their business registered and set up in the right direction.

For most people, selling your first business for millions of dollars would be enough to set you into retirement mode for the rest of your life. This wasn’t the case for Nellie and her husband, who sold their first business back in 2005 to Intuit for $20 million ( After their non-compete ran out, it was time for the dynamic duo to put their expertise to work again.

Nellie is the CEO of CorpNet, an online based business and service that helps anyone register their business without the need to hire an expensive lawyer or accountant. The business model works well and its the same concept that brought success to Nellie during her first company, which was started back in the late 90s. However, nothing stays the same on the internet and it’s been quite a journey for Nellie and her husband to build up a new company in a much more tech savvy and competitive world. Through the use of personal outreach, branding and resources, CorpNet and Nellie Akalp have quickly become well known and trusted names in the “business registration” space.

In this interview with Nellie, we discuss the importance of knowing what type of business identity is right for you, why some business register their corporate identities outside of their own states, how to compete and build a brand in today’s world of the internet and of course the answers to this latest edition of the “Pit of Fire” with Nellie Akalp.

Talking Points Discussed in this Episode:

  • How Nellie started her first web site and online business
  • Creating an industry leader and selling it for $20 million to Intuit
  • The differences between becoming a LLC or INC
  • Best advice and practices for entrepreneurs working from home
  • Why some businesses register in states outside of their own
  • The importance of gaining trust and becoming a resource
  • Building a business by branding yourself as an expert
  • Three great Q&A questions for Nellie in the Pit of Fire

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