ROTE 70: Laura Roeder and Edgar, the Social Media Octopus

We are all active on social media, however not all of us are ‘actively’ using social media to it’s full potential.

With nearly 2 billion users spread across the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest… shouldn’t having a growing and active social media following be of the utmost importance to us? The answer is definitely!

The problem is that social media takes time. This is where automation and management is key!

It’s time to take control over your social media presence and outreach in this latest episode of Rise of the Entrepreneur with Laura Roeder.

Rise of the Entrepreneur – Episode 70 with Laura Roeder


Laura Roeder is the founder of Edgar, a social media management and scheduling tool.


Being exposed to the internet at an early age and also having entrepreneur parents, Laura was destined to find success as an entrepreneur. After graduating from The University of Texas at the age of 20 and making the move to Chicago for her first job, Laura quickly realized by the time she was 22 that this wasn’t the direction she wanted to take. Laura went on to quit her job and start her own business — however it wasn’t exactly that easy. Laura would find failure before she first found success, and this would help lead her onto the path she is on today.

In 2009, Laura fired all of his web design clients and switched the business model over to social media and consulting. After finding success in social media and realizing the importance and struggle it is for so many individuals, brands and businesses — Edgar was created. Edgar is a social media management tool that allows users to take control over not only their social media accounts, but also what content is being displayed and how often, through the use of automation.

Talking Points Discussed in this Episode:

  • Laura’s journey from employee to founder
  • How to determine which social network is best for you
  • The process of automating social media updates and content
  • Meet Edgar: What it is, why it was created and it’s value
  • How to effectively use Edgar as a social management tool
  • Why Edgar doesn’t have an affiliate program
  • Three great Q&A questions for Laura in the Pit of Fire

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