ROTE 073: Geno Prussakov Shares his Affiliate Management Tips

Affiliate marketing has completely changed the way business takes place over the internet. What started out as for Amazon to expand their reach and increase sales, quickly morphed into one of the most effective ways for any online business to drive traffic, leads and sales to their site.

From the mid 90s, to twenty years later where we are today, affiliate marketing has continued to thrive and adapt with these changing times. However, to make it in the world of affiliate marketing, both brands, networks and affiliates must adapt with these changing times and work alongside each other. Without a trustworthy solution and partnership in place, the success of affiliate marketing simply wouldn’t be where it is today.

All of this and more in the latest episode of Rise of the Entrepreneur with Geno Prussakov.

Rise of the Entrepreneur – Episode 73 with Geno Prussakov

Geno Prussakov

Geno Prussakov is an affiliate marketing expert, author and international speaker.

In the world of the internet, being an expert is key. Geno has mastered the art of affiliate marketing and affiliate program management and through this expertise has been able to grow his personal brand and business at the same time. As the author of many best selling books on affiliate marketing, and also haven spoke at 50+ different conferences on such topics, Geno is the voice many people turn to when looking for answers to their affiliate marketing questions.

Having trained thousands of marketing professionals through his various books and online blog, Geno also went on to create Affiliate Management Days, which is a conference solely focused on the art of successful affiliate program management.

Talking Points Discussed in this Episode:

  • How Geno got his start in the world of online marketing
  • Changes in affiliate marketing over the years
  • Building a trusted brand and following as an expert
  • What makes a great affiliate program (rates, network, managers)
  • The top things affiliate marketers should look for in a network
  • Choosing the best affiliate platform and payouts for a business
  • Affiliate Management Days: What it is and how it was created
  • Three great Q&A questions for Geno in the Pit of Fire

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