ROTE 075: Larry Kim and the Power of Retargeting Advertising

To make it in the world of online marketing, you need to continually adapt your business for the changing times and trends around you. While email and pay per click marketing are still driving massive traffic and leads for businesses everyday, the costs of using these platforms are also increasing daily as well.

Retargeting is now one of the hottest methods to turn your existing audience, customers and mailing list subscribers into pure goal. Thanks for advertising platforms like Facebook Ads and Twitter, it’s never been easier to retarget advertising right back to your audience, even after they leave your site.

All of this and more in this latest episode of Rise of the Entrepreneur with Larry Kim.

Rise of the Entrepreneur – Episode 75 with Larry Kim

Larry Kim

Larry Kim is the founder of WordStream, an online advertising agency that makes marketing easy.

WordStream was originally founded back in 2006, when Larry bootstrapped the business idea with his earnings from his own personal consulting services. After having the funds to bring together a team of engineers and marketers to create the marketing and software solution he wanted to offer, Larry hit the online marketing world fast and hard!

Today the company employs more than 160 people and manages over half a billion dollars in ad spend for thousands of companies throughout the world.

In addition to being the founder of WordStream, Larry Kim is also an “internet celebrity” among SEO / PPC marketing geeks who love to learn what’s new and exciting in the world of online marketing. Having met with Larry recently at SEJ Summit in NY, I got to experience first hand the knowledge and passion that Larry not only processes, but also shares with the crowd around him.

During this interview, Larry discusses the many benefits of retargeted advertising and why he likes to call it “identity based ppc marketing” — in short, there is simply no better way to target and monetize your existing web site traffic, customers and mailing list subscribers!

Talking Points Discussed in this Episode:

  • How Larry started WordStream out of a local coffee shop
  • The process of bootstrapping an idea and making it successful
  • Why marketers should look beyond just ppc and email marketing
  • What “Identity Based PPC Marketing Is” and how it works
  • Larry’s case study and examples of how retargeting works best
  • How to established yourself as an expert and get free PR with retargeting
  • The blog, the brand, the business… and how Larry got here today
  • Three great Q&A questions for Larry in the Pit of Fire

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