2007 Blog Recap

I’ve been making money online for many years now, but taking the leap starting my own blog earlier this year has been quite a journey. From zero subscriber to over a 1000 in eight months, to receiving emails daily from readers on their excitement to start making money and how much I’ve motivated them… it’s been awesome! In addition to making quite a name for myself in the blogosphere, I’ve also been able to meet up and talk with many other great bloggers as well, such as John Chow, Amit Mehta & Nate Whitehill, who all specialize in different areas. With 2007 coming to an end, I thought I would end out the year with a post on my most notable posts of the year. This also makes for a great recap of my best posts for any new readers who may have missed them.


– My first official blog post on St.Patrick’s Day (Mar 17th)

– Do those Free Zip offers really work? I got my Free 42″ Sony Plasma TV! (Mar 21st)

– Even Super Affiliates get screwed sometimes… to the tune of $20,000! (Mar 26th)


– I exposed my Secret Life as Spiderman! (Apr 9th)

– My First Review of many on NeverBlueAds (Apr 21st)

– Why do some Affiliate Network let Super Affiliates leave? (Apr 25th)

– To Sell or Not to Sell? (April 29th)


– is featured in Revenue Magazine (May 11th)

– My first post on AuctionAds performance (May 14th)

– I start a new category on Network Reviews (May 26th)


– Spiderman makes his second appearance on the blog! (June 2nd)

– I let everyone know how much RegisterFly Sucks! (June 6th)

Free T-Shirts & Pens… now 100 comments strong! (June 21st)

– I then let everyone know how Resorts Casinos sucks (June 23rd)


– My best monthly results with AuctionAds (July 3rd)

– My 100th Blog Post on 4th of July! (July 4th)

– 8 Facts about Zac Johnson (July 8th)

– Affiliate Summit Blog Recap, Day 1, 2, 3 (July 8-11)

– I dive into the world of PPC Marketing (July 13th)

– How Top Bloggers Earn Money (July 17th)

– Post on the Most Expensive Domain Names (July 25th)


– Make Money with PPC & NeverBlueAds (Aug 10th)

Super Affiliate Tips leads way to New Series (Aug 12th)

– I’m finally a new home owner! (Aug 31st)


$10k in Monthly Earnings with NeverBlueAds (Sept 10th)

– Who is Reading Your Blog? (Sept 24th)

– John Chow & I on the ShoeMoney Show (Sept 25th)

– I start my Free Affiliate Summit Pass Promotion (Sept 28th)


– I say Goodbye to AuctionAds (Oct 1st)

– The Super Affiliates Guide to PPC Goes Live! (Oct 12th)

– My follow up guide to Dating PPC Marketing (Oct 22nd)

– Free “I Make Money Online” Stickers (Oct 30th)


AdTech NYC 2007 Recap (Nov 6th)

– BlogWorld Vegas Recap – 1 2 3 (Nov 8-10)

– 1st Annual John Chow Bloggers Dinner (Nov 11th)

$50,000 in NeverBlueAds Earnings (Nov 12th)

– I understand your PPC Frustrations (Nov 27th)

Top Money Making Blogs & Rankings (Nov 29th)


New Blog Design Goes Live (Dec 6th)

Free Shirt to New Top Spots Ads (Dec10th)

– Yes, I will be Speaking at Affiliate Summit! (Dec 20th)

Twas’ the Night Before Christmas (Dec 24th)

Those are some of my most memorable posts for 2007! Did I miss any of your favorites? I have a whole book full of future post ideas and tips to help you have one of your most profitable and fun years ever! Let’s keep on making big money in 2008!

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  1. I visit your site often. Especially I am interested in your ppc posts, because that's one of the things I am doing. I hope to read some great posts here the coming year & wish your blog all the best for 2008!

    By the way, I am not sure if you willing to share with us this kind of information compared to some other blogs out there but I am wondering how much revenue approximately you make on a monthly basis from this blog after being online for almost a year and what type of revenue it is (advertisers, affiliate networks, etc.)?



    1. Hey Michel,

      December is actually the first month I have attempted to start placing ads on the blog and making money with it. A report will be out the first week of January on it's performance.

  2. The fact that you've managed to reach over 1k subscribers (and I am convinced that the figure will become even more impressive in 2008) comes as a natural result of adding value to the Web through the blog on a regular basis.

    Congratulations and keep up the good work,

    Alan Johnson

  3. i have got one secret finincial question 🙂

    Well, we all know u are a super affiliate, but how much money are you making through this blog – (except of affiliate money) ???

    will you reply now 😉


    -abs (

    1. Simply visiting the advertising page of this blog and checking out his rates will give you a fairly decent rough estimate.

      Alan Johnson

  4. you worked hard, nice stuff 🙂

    what are your other website, i think its not a secret 😉

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