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Over the past several years I’ve run my own affiliate programs through many networks, such as Shareasale & CommissionJunction. I figured now is as good of a time as any to start up my own affiliate program for others to help spread the word on The biggest dilemma I had with setting up the new affiliate program, was not only deciding which network to use, but also how much I should pay out to affiliates. After all, how much is a blog reader worth, and how many will actually convert into subscribers?

In the end, I decided to go with a pay-per-click setup. In the past I always setup my programs on a CPA basis, and never a CPC just because it’s so easy to overspend and it’s very hard to control fraud. However, I want this blog do grow and I want my affiliates to make money as well. With the new pay per click program, an affiliate will earn .75 cents for every qualified click to this blog, through their affiliate url. A qualified click is any url from a blog post or web site, sorry no email. Qualified traffic also refers to US only traffic. If you send 1000 qualified clicks, you will earn $750.00. It’s very simple, and you will receive credit for every unique visitor within a 24 hour period.

The earning potential from this blog is amazing. Payments can be sent through paypal or by check on a monthly basis, with a low $25 minimum. To join the Affiliate Program and make more money than you could every imagine, please click here and fill out your contact information and agree to the terms and conditions*!


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  1. I was expecting that.

    But I have to say that after clicking on the bad April Fouls that John Chow did, I was a bit reluctant to click it. I posted about it by warning people not to click it. You may loose hours of work. I did not but some did.

    1. Haha, luckily I knew about the site/post before reading his site. I would have been pissed too if I lost my browser pages/open work. I'm sure he's getting a kick out of it.

  2. This was actually a good aprils fools joke! I was like :is Zac crazy or what"?? I almost set up my adwords campaign and everything lol

  3. Good thing I read the comments first. You almost rolled the master.

    I already had pspad open and half a page of curl code in my head too.

  4. I will send you traffic from China, but you'll have to give me at least $0.90/click. Let me know if you want some.

  5. Arite that was good! Honestly that was the only one that I clicked and when I saw the damned page i was like SHIT! hahahaha..

    Cheers bud

  6. Not bad, that is actually quite good Zac.

    Kudo’s on being the first to pull a good one all day.

  7. I hate April Fools Day. I've been so busy with legit stuff that I've fallen for like 4 or 5 April fool's posts already today. Good thing it's only one day.

  8. I knew it, I knew it.

    And so have not clicked that link. (can anybody tell me what's in that link ? )

    lol – Happy Fool's day 🙂

  9. Zac,

    At first I thought, "Why didn't he call us!"

    Then I thought, "I haven't seen another blogger do this before."

    Then I read the comments before I clicked the link.

    You are good! I believed it!


  10. Nice – at first I was like, man 75 cents seems very generous…I forgot what day it was!


  11. The concept of making fool was like just awesome 🙂

    .75 per click was like just wow.. People would just believe in this super affiliate post lol.. 😉

  12. Yes, this is a much more intelligent April Fool's prank than a silly Rick Roll link that any idiot can post. No creativity or thought goes into a Rick Roll.

  13. You got me.

    I was going to leave a comment on how stupid this idea is then I started to read the other comments first.

    Thank god your not really doing this.

  14. hello, thank you very much for your great motivation. I'm just a tired marketer who still effort making money online. Thanks.

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