Ze Frank Keynote Speaker

Written by Zac Johnson
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I have been to a lot of conferences and have heard many keynote speakers. Unfortunately, most of them are just so-so… few offer a truly funny, exciting and motivational speech. Fortunately for everyone attending Affiliate Summit East, they were treated to keynote speaker Ze Frank, whose keynote speech had all three elements. I had the pleasure of speaking with Ze last night and he seemed like a good guy, though I wasn’t sure what he was going to speak about today.

One of the most important characteristics of a speaker is they must keep the audience entertained, awake (!), and focused on their underlying message, throwing in some comedy is also a huge plus.

To start things off, Ze got everyone excited and in the mood while he showed slides on plane safety and really looked in detail at how humorous safety guides and plane pillow collectors can be. All the while relating this humor to his underlying message.

Ze’s claim to fame was a funny dancing video he made as an invite for one of his parties when he was younger. What was meant to be seen by only his friends, quickly spread throughout the world and brought in over a million visitors within a couple days, truly one of the first viral videos.

The main message from Ze Frank’s keynote what that we are now in a 2.0 world and everyone is influencing everything. Whether it be funny videos being spread throughout the world, or people twittering their lives…

Overall Ze started out the first full day of the conference with a tremendously funny and motivational keynote address. It gets no better than that.

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