Zero Parallel – How to Make Money with Pay Day Loans

When looking to make money with affiliate marketing, you should spend a decent amount of time researching your niche, products/services to promote, your competition and if within an industry that is going to be around for a while. All of these questions are extremely important to know beforehand, especially if you are going to be investing a lot of time and money into your promotions.

One such area that has seen continued growth year after year, is the financial and loans industry. No matter how great or bad the economy is, some people are always going to need access to money fast. The concept of ‘pay day loans’ are simple — they are a loan for a small amount with a high-interest rate. What’s most important is realizing that there is a demand for the service, how to target your audience and also make a profitable business out of it in the process.

Zero Parallel is an affiliate network that focuses solely on short-term loans and getting their affiliates the highest payouts in the process. It’s easy to find financial and loan offers on various other networks, but when you are working directly with a network that only does financial offers — you are usually much better off, both financially and support wise.

In this review we are going to be look at what Zero Parallel is, how they work and how you can start making money by promoting offers through their network in the process.

Zero Parallel – Pay Day Loans Affiliate Network

While the name ‘Zero Parallel’ might not be a household name, they do have experience and expertise in the industry. David Gasparyan, the Founder and President at Zero Parallel, is also the co-founder of T3Leads, which has had many years of success in the world of affiliate marketing and financial offers.


Much like the original T3Leads network, Zero Parallel is solely focused on loan related offers. However, what makes this network different from others, is that ZP actually manages the lead data and works with lenders directly to sell the leads at the highest price possible. The higher quality of the lead and the more data collected, the higher the commission an affiliate might receive.

With such valuable data being collected through ZP and their site partners, it’s important for them to have showcase their compliance practices on their site — keeping all site partners, lenders and customers happy.

To learn more about Zero Parallel and the lead generation process, you can watch the short video below.

As you can tell, the business of collecting and processing data for loans is not only profitable, it’s also quite time-consuming and focused. With that being said, Zero Parallel isn’t opening their doors for just an affiliate or site partner to come walking in. ZP has a thorough affiliate signup process, which also includes a questionnaire after getting accepted into the network. Instead of looking at this as a negative, legitimate affiliates should consider it as an extra added benefit, as they will have less competition and access to higher payouts.

How Much Can You Earn with ZeroParallel?

Just like with all affiliate marketing and business opportunities, there is no minimum or maximum that you can earn. In the end, this all comes down to understanding how to best target your audience, while also keeping your costs below the amount you earn to generate a lead.

With commission payouts starting out at $2 per lead and scaling all the way up to $220, there is plenty of money to be made — while offering big enough commissions that allow you explore different traffic and lead generation sources at the same time.


To effectively promote pay day loan offers, you need to have an understanding that the competition is fierce and that traditional pay per click methods usually won’t work. However, methods like media buying and building out resource sites have proven to be effective.

Through the many different lead generation methods mentioned below, affiliates and publishers of Zero Parallel will have the necessary tools and resources to help them acquire high quality leads online.

How to Promote Pay Day Loan Offers

In the traditional world of affiliate marketing, you are usually given a tracking url and maybe some banners or landing pages to use as well. With Zero Parallel, they’ve put their lead generation and expertise to work by offering their affiliates and publishers multiple methods for generating high quality loan leads — such as landing pages, feeds, forms, custom javascript forms, banners and more.


The main benefit here is that you no longer need to simply pass traffic to a landing page and hope for a lead. By having access to all of these tools, you can actuall start collecting data from your own sites, while focusing on it’s organic search rankings and other paid traffic methods.

How the Lead Process Works

One an affiliate starts to send leads to Zero Parallel, it’s a pretty standard process. The lead information will be sent to ZP, where it will be qualified based on several data points, then the network passes (sells) that data along to one of their verified lending partners. The affiliate will then earn a commission anywhere between $2-$200 based on a number of factors, such as the quality of the lead and if they went through the full loan process.

As mentioned above, the affiliate has many different ways to actually send lead data over to Zero Parallel, such as:

  • Public Form (Affiliate Link/Landing Page) – The most simple way of sending pay day loan leads is through an affiliate link, which sends the user to a landing page (hosted by ZP) where all data is collected and credited for.
  • Public Form (Landing Page direct to Form) – If you have a web site or ad campaign that has an audience that are ready to take action, the public form is a great way to send users directly to a lead generation form for them to complete.
  • Custom Javascript Form – Easily customize a lead generation form to match the look and feel of your own site, thus allowing you to drive leads without having the user leave your site.
  • Banners – Select from a wide range of banners that have already been designed by ZP to effectively promote your affiliate landing pages and lead generation methods.
  • Private Feed (CMS) – This option allows for marketers to download a landing page / form template which can easily be added to any existing site. Again, the benefit here is to keep the end user on your site.

Through any of the methods above, you can start sending your traffic to high converting landing pages and lead generation forms like the one below.


Getting paid from Zero Parallel is also easy, as payments are sent out twice a month to affiliates who have met the minimum threshold of $100. Payment options include Paypal, Webmoney, wire transfer and ACH (at $1,000 minimum). If you have the quality and volume, payments can also be sent out on a weekly basis.

In addition to earning money through loan leads, you can also earn a 3% lifetime referral bonus on any affiliates you might refer to Zero Parallel network as well. There is also a monthly cash prize drawing for $3,000 open to any affiliates who refer at least $1,000 in leads per month.

Make Money with Zero Parallel

Now that you’ve seen what Zero Parallel has to offer and how lucrative with pay day loans business is, now it’s time to decide if this type of opportunity is right for you.

Thousands of people are searching for pay day loans and ways to get money fast online daily. Below you can see a sample of the most generic searches for this industry — think about all of the other opportunities within long tail keywords and localized searches.

Are you going to cater to this audience, or let someone else make all the money?


To learn more about Zero Parallel and join their exclusive affiliate network, click here.

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