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ROTE 058: Kristin Thompson’s Public Speaking Tips

Public speaking is one of the scariest things for a person to do. It’s actually the biggest fear in the world today… even more than dying!

At the same time, public speaking is one of the most powerful ways to deliver your message, bring awareness to your brand and generate sales.

Whether it’s public speaking at a conference, doing an online webinar or even just speaking in front of a handful of people at a party… it’s all about engaging with your audience, getting their attention and deliver your message seamlessly.

It’s time to make your voice heard in this latest episode of Rise of the Entrepreneur.

Rise of the Entrepreneur – Episode 58 with Kristin Thompson

Kristin Thompson

Kristin Thompson is a successful speaker, coach and entrepreneur who helps others grow their brand and business through public speaking.

Today Kristin is an entrepreneur and owner of her own brand and business at Speak Serve Grow. However, it wasn’t always a life of glitz and glamour for Kristin… there were actually several waves of challenges along the way.

Kristin got her start in the sales coaching business and it was her job to speak in front of people and also to get them to take action in order for her to get her next pay check. Like many individuals who are working for someone else, Kristin soon found herself without a job. Through her experience and skills in speaking to crowds for her previous job, Kristin set out to start a business of her own by helping others learn how to do the same. Jump forward a few years and Kristin has generated $10K, $30K and even $50k payouts from her live events and speaking!

Talking Points Discussed in this Episode:

  • A decade in media sales to becoming an entrepreneur
  • The 5 traits of a great speaker and how to get there
  • How to speak to a room vs. selling to a room
  • The importance of standing out in the crowd
  • Creating an online product and selling it offline
  • Webinars and how they are changing the game
  • Three great Q&A questions for Kristin in the Pit of Fire

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