How Grows their Audience By Doing Crazy Things!

  • Published on : Jan 23 2013

In the world of online marketing and business, it’s all about creating a brand and name for yourself.

One of the best ways to do this is through the use of the social media, tv news coverage and standing out from the crowd. is an online pawn shop that will allow you to pawn or sell your items for instant cash. They also offer personal cash loans in the 5% range.

If you don’t think you have a need for a service like PawnUp, think again? How many old Apple products and electronics do you have sitting around the house?… PawnUp is cashing in big time as the economy is in the dumps and people are more cautious than ever to sell their old stuff and get instant cash.

PawnUp Pawn Web Site


While this type of service and offer may not seem to be targeted towards everyone, one of the best ways to get everyone’s attention is by doing out of the ordinary things and having your news and content go viral.

I actually first heard about when it was announced that they were the runner up in the auction for Jason Sadler to change his name to the winning bidder of his auction. Basically Jason became popular by wearing a different sponsor on his shirt every day and gained a lot of exposure through his site. PawnUp was runner up in the auction, right behind the $45,000 bid placed by

It would be hard for many of us to imagine selling our last name or even paying to have someone change their last name to our web site or company name, but that is the way business done at Would the $45,000 have brought enough attention and media for PawnUp to make a nice return on investment… possibly, but we will never know.

However that isn’t the only creative and trending news that PawnUp has done over the years!

Let’s take a look at what some of the other crazy attention getting tactics were that drove new customers, visitors and attention to their pawn shop web site and brand in 2012. Becomes Human Billboards’ 39th Ad Tattoo

There is nothing new about getting tattoos on your body for money, but the business does seem to be growing. Some companies are even paying in the several $1,000s range for tattoos on people’s faces! was not only a tattoo on this guy’s face, but they were also on the guys tshirt through out the full interview on ABC!

Lucky you, we even have a video for this one! Spends $7,100 on Royal Wedding Cake!

Not only does PawnUp buy/pawn products from individuals who use their service, but they also make appearances at high end auctions as well.

There are some die hard fans out there who must have everything relating to the Royal Family, but no one expected that a slice of cake from the Royal Wedding would go for several thousands of dollars.

“Despite the fact that we can’t eat them, the wins couldn’t be any sweeter,” said Jay Martin, a spokesperson for The online pawn shop has no immediate plans for the iconic pastries but Martin did go on to say, “We greatly admired the late Princess Diana’s dedication to helping disadvantaged people the world over. Our company’s mission is also to provide assistance to those in need. Therefore, whatever we decide to do, we intend to honour her by continuing to extend goodwill to others.”

It’s not all about coming up with crazy ways to get attention and drive viral traffic, it’s also about having a business model that works. PawnUp has been featured on several high end news web sites as they continue to secure more funding and grow their business in size and customers.

If you’ve ever wanted to sell some of your own unwanted items, or simply want to see what craziness is going in their latest viral marketing campaigns, be sure to check them out at

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