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Seven Awesome Years of ZacJohnson.com

I’ve always has a passion for business, even before I started making money online. When I was kid I was selling sports cards, comics and soda cans in school… then the internet came around and made the process a whole lot better and more legit!

Though I’ve been making money online for nearly 20 years now, it wasn’t til 2007 that I actually launched my own brand through ZacJohnson.com. Seven years later and it was still one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.

7 Years of Zac Johnson Blog

It was great to push ad campaigns and build out web sites all those years before the blog, but the problem was that I was building someone else’s business. This is the same path that many affiliate marketers usually find themselves in — even if you are making millions of dollars online, you are still only making a fraction of what you could be making if you actually owned the product.

Still, there is nothing wrong with this model and it will continue to make a lot of money, but I would always prefer to actually own all of my content, data and a brand of my own at the end of the day.

Starting a Brand of Your Own is Easy

One of the biggest things that might be holding you back from starting a brand of your own is actually not knowing where to start. The best way to get started is to simply do that — get started! I did this with a domain name and an installation of wordpress. You can read through my 7 day blogging guide if you would like help to get started.

The good thing about this is that it will only cost you a few dollars and you can actually start this on the side of everything else you have going on. Decide on what you want to brand yourself as, focus on building out social profile sites and create the necessary connections to start building your own authority.

The most important thing for you to remember when starting your blog is to make sure you provide value. I had created a bunch of free tutorials and guides that made it easy for other people to learn how to make money online. These same posts that I wrote years ago continue to get new blog traffic every day.

Brand Opportunity

The Past, Present and Future of “Zac Johnson” Brand

The great thing about building a brand of your own on the internet is that you never know what opportunities may come up next. I’ve had the ability to speak at different conferences around the world, appear on FOX News and ABC News, release my own book and much more. Every person who reads you blog is a new opportunity — and I always take the time to answer all emails that come from the blog, because without my audience I wouldn’t be a recognized brand at all.

Lots of exciting things in the works and I can’t wait to keep you all updated and continue to grow out ZacJohnson.com over the next several years.

Thank you and Happy St.Patrick’s Day!

About the Author Zac Johnson

My name is Zac Johnson and I have been an online entrepreneur for the past 18 years and blogger since 2007. This is my personal blog and I welcome you to the site. In full disclosure, it is safe to assume that I am benefiting financially or otherwise from everything you click on, read, or look at while on my website.

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Kulwant Nagi says

Many happy returns of the day. Zac, your website has contributed a lot for my online success.

So, keep sharing your awesome tips and keep helping us to make our life much better.

Ryan Biddulph says

Congratulations Zac on your 7 year celebration!

Sheikh Basit says

The man comes around. Cheers to your success.

Bamidele Onibalusi says

Congrats, Zac! On the internet, doing any particular thing for 7 years is no joke, and seeing that you’re still blogging shows that blogging is indeed the future 🙂

yousaimon says

Congrats, Zac! your post is really highly informative and impressive, i am appreciate to your post.actually blogging is main phenomenon to the admarketing, thank you by sharing your idea. ZTE Grand.

Sita Gabriel says

Congrats Zac. Cheers!

Robert Connor says

Yeah look forward to another 7 yrs of learning!

Martin Tokar says

it was GREAT to meet you in person Zac at SMMW14 this Month (March).

Kyoodai says

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