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Video Blogging Tips with Gideon Shalwick

Many of us are already blogging, whether it be a personal blog, a recap or case study of your money making journey, or even just a diary… but how many of us are video blogging? I can tell you right now, the majority of people would much prefer watching a quick 5-10 minute video instead of reading a blog post that’s a few paragraphs long. Unfortunately for most of us, we just aren’t that great at video blogging, or don’t want to make online videos.

My friend Gideon Shalwick is just awesome at making videos and video blogging. While doing my interviews with top bloggers for Six Figure Affiliate Blogging, Gideon requested to do his interview through a video. He had the right idea! Not only is the video very high quality, but it’s also had nearly 2,000 views on YouTube. It’s not a ton, but it opens up a whole new source of traffic to view the interview, and actually draws in more interest than a typical Q&A text post.

The following is my interview with with Gideon, and from my Six Figure Affiliate Blogging ebook. You can download the full ebook for free at SixFigureAffiliateBlogging.com, which includes over 130 pages of content and interviews with 25 highly successful affiliates and bloggers.

Interview with Gideon Shalwick

* If you enjoyed this interview, be sure to download my free 130 page guide to “Six Figure Affiliate Blogging“.

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Stocks on Wall Stree says

Video blogging fascinates me, want to start my own one day.

SEOninja says

Video blogging is something that I want to get into! I've been looking at different video cameras.

I've also been observing how different people embed them into their webpages and squeeze pages. I noticed that one of the main problems with embedding a YouTube video on your website, is the direct hit you take in bandwidth.

The solution that I notice some people use; such as, Shoemoney on his squeeze pages, is that he uses the Flowplayer JavaScript player. This allows him to run the video off from his own server.

There is also a WordPress plugin for it called, "Hana Flav Player".

SnowBall says

The only reason I would never video blog is because I am so nervous about being in front of a camera. I would just sit there and draw blanks. I am a much better writer. But it's true, videos are sometimes much more exciting to watch than reading text.

gf says

I think that video blogging is definitely the new standard. People do not like to read that much and with video it's all there. You can see and get an impression of who it is behind the words.

Paul/ Entertainment says

I keep hearing about video blogging but I never did try it before since my computer can't handle too much graphics.

Escort Agency London says

Maybe there are series of online tutorials available where we can get some tips on how to be a video blogger sensei.

@SnowBall – some people are really talented in showcasing their oral skills on video. Some are just plainly into writing.

Bradley Nordstrom says

I am going to now create a video blog.Thanks for the tip.

Lee Schmidt says

I'm going to be doing something new on my own blog where once a week I'll do a video recap of my past week's progress of my make-money-online journey. We'll see how that goes. I think the best option is to mix video posts and written posts.

Hoo Kang says

Thanks for the referral Zac.

I look forward to learning more from Gideon.

Tej Kohli says

How Can I make Videos Index able I mean I am asking about Video Optimization if we are not taking videos from Youtube

Bidet says

Video blogging is a great way to get more traffic, people always prefer listening and seeing rather than reading. Thanks for these tips and great interview.

Tej Kohli says

Such a Great post for Video Blogging even I have a Good News Google Also Launched a New tool for Video Sitemap

Lani says

Aloha Zac, great post and video clip. I have heard and seen a few of Gideon's video clips, he is very informative and clear on his information. He offers tons of great tips on blogging and video marketing. Glad I came by and thanks for sharing! Lanikee.com 🙂

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