Creating the Perfect Balance Between Business and Life

It takes a special type of person to be able to run their own business, whether it be internet or land based. It’s not just about being a boss and knowing how to manage your employees and customers, but also knowing how to manage your time, priorities and separate your business from your real life in the process. For anyone who already runs their own business, you probably know and experience this all too well.

I first started my internet marketing business over 15 years ago and it’s been quite a journey. From my earliest days of running a business while still in high school to running all of the day to day operations today and still finding time to have a fun life and time for my family, it’s always a task and priority to make sure each aspect of my life continues to thrive with minimal interference or distractions.

Here are just a few of the top ways you can set boundaries for your business, allocate time for designated tasks and find a perfect balance between your business and life.

Start Each Day with a Must-Do List

Create a To Do ListRunning a business is all about time management. Having a business of your own, (especially an internet-based business) it’s very easy to find yourself losing time throughout the day and getting distracted. More distractions typically result in less real business and work getting completed. Something I like to do every morning when starting my business day is to write down a few notes and points for what I really need to get completed that day. Even if your list is just a few tasks, there is something about writing it down, having it on your desk next to you and being able to check them off as they are completed that helps get tasks done. Instead of looking at your long term goals, which can be quite overwhelming, focus on a short list that should keep you on track to hitting your goals.

Sometimes You Just Need to Get Away

Speaking at Conferences Around the WorldWhile some businesses require a local office building/location, a staff, products and customers, running a business from home can be quite difficult in its own right. Personally, I enjoy it and wouldn’t want it any other way. Working from home allows me to step into my office and work on the daily operations, without being completely removed from everything else in the process.

This also allows for a lot of opportunities such as going out for a quick lunch, taking small breaks throughout the day and not letting yourself get overwhelmed by having to sit at a desk or cubicle for hours upon hours. A perfect example of this is when I’m working for a few hours and my dog Foxy comes walking in the room, and lets me know it’s time to take a break and take her for a short walk. Not only does running my business from home allow me to spend more time with my family, it also allows me to take quick breaks throughout the day to help get the brain flowing. This allows me to step away from the stressful business world for a bit, which leads to increased business when you get back to work.

Separate Your Personal Life from Your Business

Work and Life BalanceAs important as it is for you to focus on your business and day to day operations, it’s also important for you to be able to separate the two worlds you live in. Too many people bring their work home with them on a daily basis. This can be anything from additional paper work, stress and even having to stay longer at work. This can have a negative effect on your business, as it starts to interfere with your real life and family relationships. Do what you can to keep business and family separate and focus on each when it’s their designated times.

These are just a few of the key tips and methods I use for running my business and keeping a separation between business, life and family. As much as some of us like/hate our jobs and business, it’s important to realize the important things we have and always value the time we have with the people and pets we love!


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  1. great zac,
    definitely the problem with your own business is that one cannot find time for his family and I am facing the same problem right now.
    Although managment of my work is made easier, thanks to gdocs I could easily share any documents with anyone easily.
    And holidays, well don't get enough time to go on vacations because of the work load and hunger to be successful.

    Nice read,
    Akshat Goel

  2. Yeah I agree. And Even when you work AT home it's important to have some form of separation/balance. For me, getting too comfortable can take a toll on my productivity. And so can getting too isolated.
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  3. I work from home and seem to live in the office. I keep telling myself that soon things will change and l will be able to relax and spend more time with the family. It is difficult though, because when you set yourself targets and goals you have to do your best to reach them…… and l seem to set myself too many. Anyways, great post and have taken a few things on board, cheers
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  4. Excellent tips Zac.

    Running an Internet business can be stressful if you do not have the right balance like you said.

    It can ruin relationships, and stress you out, if you do not specifically make time for all aspects of your life.

    I write a daily to-do list and set aside a few hours everyday for business related activities.

    The cool thing about an Internet business as you know is the more you establish it the less you have to work.

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  5. simple but yet powerful tips,
    for the ones working at home it is a big challenge to separate their personal life from business
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