How to Add Hundreds of Subscribers to Your List Every Week

We always hear that the “money is in the list”. Honestly, when I started online back in 2006, I never gave importance of building my list. I only took it seriously after 2 years. Consider this for a minute.  Every subscriber on your list is worth $1 in sales a month to you. Therefore, when you have an email list of about 2,000, you are likely to earn at least $2,000 per month. If your list is about 5,000, you can expect to make about $5,000 per month. That’s when I realized to start building my list in 2008.Now, even though I have thousands of subscribers already, I still continue building my list every single day. In fact, I have one strategy that I would like to share to you that consistently adds hundreds of subscribers to me every week.

This is how I add 100-200+ subscribers to my list every week, and guess what, the more your list grows, the more money that you can make and let me show how you can do the same.

How Do I Consistently Add 100 – 200+ Email Subscribers Every Week?

Absolutely, one of my favorite strategies is what we call email “adswaps”, you probably heard of it before, or to some of you, might doing this already. What exactly is an email adswap? An adswap is when two marketers come together to advertise one of their offers to each others list.

For example, if you have 300+ subscribers. you will look for a marketer who have 300+ subscribers as well, and agree to send out promotional email to each others list to gain additional subscribers for each other. Why does this work? The best type of promotion is when other people promote you. That builds more credibility and trust from others, and as we all know, we need credibility and gain trust from people if we want to succeed online. I am going to show you how to look for them in a minute…

Why does email adswaps work?

It is very easy to set-up, no hassle and you get responsive potential subscribers. So, if you have 700 email subscribers, you have to find a marketer with similar amount of subscribers just like you.
If you both send an email, the normal rate of subscribers you would keep from 700 people is roughly 10% conversion which is 70 subscribers, and your opt-in page converting at about 30%, in that scenario, you would add 21 subscribers from this adswap.

At this point, it may not sound like a lot yet. However, just visualize if you keep on repeating this similar method frequently, you will notice that you are building your subscribers list fast. Just make sure to look for a marketer with similar list size, don’t perform email adswaps with people who have fewer subscribers than you.

Take a look at this instance…

700 subscribers X 10% conversion = 70 visitors X 30% opt-in = 21 subscribers.

If you do this repeatedly about 2-4 times a week, you will keep 10% of another marketer’s list. As a result, that will build to 721, followed by 742, then 764, then 786. Thus, you have just added 86 new subscribers for that week!

Consider this, when your list grows and you are hitting 1,000 or 2,000 subscribers and you are repeating this method, matching your list size with another marketer, you begin to increase your list fast. Just to illustrate, if your list is 4,000 subscribers, 10% of that is 400 and a 30% opt-in page  conversion, you will add 120 subscribers just from 1 adswap, and if you do 2 that week with the same size, you will add 240 new subscribers, isn’t that incredible? Now, keep in mind that those are very responsive subscribers, because it came from another respectable marketer.

My objective is to help you build your email list fast this year. I aspire to see you accomplish something and the quickest and much more long-term approach to do this is to build your email list primarily. Keep in mind, traffic = money, no other way around it, this really is traffic you possibly can generate on demand by sending 1 email to your list. Also, when you are driving traffic from other sources you continue to still build your list at the same time, how awesome is that?!

Everything else is simply a distraction to you. Your email list needs to be your number 1 concern every day, and all of the things that I’m doing to build my list including article marketing, blog commenting, forum marketing, viral marketing, social bookmarking etc all leads back to my squeeze page to build my list. I’m going to provide help to build your email list to atleast 300+ subscribers this month to be able to get the standard downpact and on your way to making true success, because it does matter.

Keep in mind, it is not about how big your email list is, it’s about how responsive it is, I’ve seen 500+ subscribers list out-perform list size of about 5,000+ and by building your email list using these techniques, it is possible to build fast, and build responsive too. Remember, not anything works unless you truly put it to use.

This guest post was written by Gary David, an Internet Marketer which specializes list building. Discover 26 superpower tactics for rapid-fire list building and learn the step-by-step guide on how to build your list.

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  1. Would love it if you explained the rationale behind the maxim that each subscriber is worth $1 per month. Based on what type of monetization?

  2. When you talk about doing adswaps multiple times per week, you mean with different people, right? I feel like doing an adswap with the same person over and over, it wouldn’t perform well after the first time or two.

  3. Killer idea – as long as you’re on equal playing fields I think it will go over really well. If you do end up doing adswaps, keep in mind that theres a possibility that you may lose a few people because they may find the new content/person more appealing than even you.

    It’s not a huge risk but I’d still consider it.

  4. @Ken:
    The $1 per estimate per email is a bit high in my opinion, but it also depends on how much you hit the list and what niche you list is based on. Maybe Gary will follow up on the comments with some of his stats.

  5. @Profit Addiction:
    I would definitely focus on doing ad swaps with different sites. It’s ok to swap with the same sites once or twice a months, but eventually you are going to start swapping the same traffic. Doing a simple email capture for a free download or ebook is a great way to bring in new subscribers quickly.

  6. Most establish marketer will not want to ad swap with a newbie, any strategies? I think the best advice is to first grow your list to an appreciable level before thinking of ad swap.
    Thanks, nice post. Keep up the good work at

  7. Most establish marketer will not want to ad swap with a newbie, any strategies?
    Thanks, nice post. Keep up the good work at

  8. @Ken:
    Hi Ken,

    The $1 per subscriber is an example, that’s the figure that most marketers have. Some worth $0.50 per subscriber, and some even have $2 per subscriber, and that’s really too high, depending how well you managed your list.

    When it comes to monetization, let’s say you want to promote a $27 product as an affiliate, and you have 3,000 subscribers. The conservative conversion in my experience is 3%, so that’s 3000 x 3% = 90. 90 customers x $27 = $2,430, that’s $0.81 per subscriber. But if you hit 4% conversion, 3000 x 4% = 120. 120 customers x $27 = $3,240, and that’s $1.08 per subscriber. Again, it really depends how responsive your list is. Remember, that’s just 3-4% conversion. Some “big guns” are hitting 7-10%. And if you promote a lower cost product like $10 or $17, expect a higher conversion because more people will buy, depending again on your bonuses that you offered them and how responsive your list is.

  9. @Profit Addiction:
    Yes I’m talking about doing multiple adswaps with a different list. In my case, I have separate lists for people interested in list building, article marketing, traffic generation, PLR and resale rights topics etc. What I do is, for example, I want to build subscribers in traffic generation and article marketing topics, I’ll write and submit at least 10 articles for each topic, post comments in some forums and blogs related to the topics, and watch my subscribers grow in a few days or weeks.

    It’s really slow in the beginning, but remember, the articles that I submitted can build list for me for years to come. Once I have “seed” subscribers of at least 200 or 300, I’ll do adswaps separately for subscribers in traffic list and article marketing list. Let’s say, I’ll do adswap for traffic list on tuesday, then adswap for article marketing list on friday. That’s how I do adswap for at least 2-3 times per week. Remember, build as many lists as possible on different topics for the weekly adswap to be effective. If you have 3,000 subscribers in one list only, this is not effective, but if you have 500 subscribers in 6 different lists, that’s good. I’d rather have 300-700 subscribers in 10 different lists than 3000-7000 subscribers in one list.

  10. Indeed the power is in the list… but I wonder if after a certain number of subscribers the dollars per subscriber would in fact get lower than $1… in other words, if I have 100,000 subscribers, can I really look at making 100,000$/month??

  11. Adswaps are a marketers best friend especially if you have a responsive email list

  12. Thanks Zac. It’s seem like cross promotion or exchange subscriber – ‘you blast me on your list’ and ‘I blast you in my list’. The comman problem is where to find someone other that have equal list like we are. Because it’s hard to make agreement with partner who have more list than us, except we pay for it..

  13. Hi Zac, do you feel that your list will be ‘diluted’ after so may adswaps? Since your leads may opt in to many other websites?

  14. Excellent tips. You’ve just shared valuable information with small business owners.

  15. What an awesome article. I’m new to email marketing and have been building my lists for about a year. I have already been driving sales from my lists and am very focused on building them. I have not tried the email swap strategy before, however, and am looking forward to doing so. Gary, great article. Zac, thanks for sharing it!

  16. @Lucky:

    Hi Lucky,

    You do not need to do ad swap with an established marketer, you can do ad swap with someone who has the same list size as yours.

  17. @Peter Jay:

    Hi Peter,

    My favorite place to find partners is Warrior forum. You can find in "Joint Venture" section of their forum that there are a lot of marketers looking to do an ad swap.

  18. @Jon@ Student Loans:
    Hey Jon,

    The $1 per subscriber is an example. You could earn more or less than that per subscriber. But if you have 100,000 subscribers, and let’s just say that you are only earning $0.50 per subscriber, that’s still $50,000 a month. Again, it really depends how well you built relationship with your subscribers.


  19. @Addy Kho:
    In my experience, I do not feel that my subscribers are being diluted after so many ad swaps. As I’ve said in my previous post, I have several lists that has 300-500 subscribers each, rather than just one large list of 5,000. When I do ad swaps, I do it on different list, not on the same list. And the good thing is, you can add fresh leads of subscribers to your list after a few hours.

  20. Hi Zac, Your post is very helpful for me. Now i have a clear idea on how to increase my subscribers. But I want to ask if my mails can go as the spam in the subscribers account. Is there any option to deal with it?

  21. I have seen this many times with product launches were 10 different affiliate marketers will run email campaigns for someone else's new product. It's Ok to receive one of the these every so often when the person sending the email really feels the product is worthwhile.

  22. Great article and great Idea. I just need more names to get a list worth doing an adswap. I only have 55 so far.

  23. I am new to the affiliate scene, but i have tried to dive into it with no success so far. My biggest obstacle is having my site get noticed by search engines, and if they don't see it why? I am willing to put in the work, I just don't know what work.

  24. This is a good idea. Only problem is don't have much subscribers yet.

    You need some to do a adswap. otherwise it will not be useful.

  25. Hi Gary, this is a great idea. A question – What kind of "ad" are you referring to? Banner ad, text link ad, a whole post promoting the partner's blog? Do you have any tips on writing the ad that is most effective? My concern is ensuring the results of the ad swap are similar across both partners so it's a fair exchange – but I gather using an ad tracker will help for this. Do you have any thoughts on this?

  26. Really great insight Gary! You really listed a huge way to get more subscribers!

    You are correct. The average we can take is that every subscriber of our list is worth $1.00.

    I had a question:

    Suppose we build a list of 500 and do a Adswap. Then when do we do another Adswap? With this current list of 500 again? Or after we reach 1000?

    What I mean is that wont the list of 500 get tired of receiving invitations to join someones else list?



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