How to Easily Split Test Landing Pages and Traffic Sources

Written by Zac Johnson
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There are a lot of tracking solutions out there for when it comes to conversion and A/B split testing. However, sometimes you just don’t want to deal with the hassle of setting up a web hosting account and getting a new domain name to install another tracking solution that you have to learn from scratch.

For times like these, it’s always nice to use a third party tracking solution such as LinkTrackr. The concept behind LinkTrack, is that it allows you to easily start split testing your landing pages based on traffic source, while still also being able to track conversions to see what’s working on your ad campaigns, and what’s not.

Another reason why you may prefer using a hosted tracking solution like LinkTrackr, is that they have a great looking interface that makes it very easy for you to learn their system. This is a huge benefit to anyone who is new to affiliate marketing and split testing, which eliminates the need to install and learn a new tracking solution.

The Simplicity of A/B Split Testing through LinkTrackr

Whether you are a new affiliate marketer, or a veteran, you can always appreciate the value in working with a platform that’s easy to use and understand. That is exactly what you get with LinkTrackr and their split testing features. In this post we will cover three of the easy to use features for rotating, tracking and improving landing pages for ad campaigns.

Split Testing Different Traffic Sources and Landing Pages by Weight

One of the most attractive features in their software, is the ability to start split testing your landing pages without having mess around with any code or rotation scripts. In the screen shot below, you can see how changing the weight of your landing pages will easily change the distribution of your landing pages to weigh their conversions and results. If you know one landing page or traffic source is performing better than others, you would want to give that one a higher weight while testing it among your other sources or landing pages.

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Split Testing Different Landing Pages for the Same Offers

Split testing isn’t just about rotating your traffic sources and landing pages. It’s also about being able to track your conversions based on the different landing pages you are using. With so many of the same offers on different ad networks, this gives you the opportunity to rotate your affiliate links to see which landing page is converting best.

In the screen shot below you can see the stats and tracking available through LinkTrackr analytics. Everyone appreciates graphs, as it makes it easy for anyone to visually see the growth or changes in ad campaign performance on a daily basis. You also have the full break down of total conversions, conversion rates and the conversion amounts below the graph. This can all be tracked and reported on the individual landing page level.

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Tracking Multiple Sales, Leads and Conversions

Having the ability to track more than just one conversion or action on your landing page is a huge plus. For instance, how many people are filling out your email opt in form, but not following through on the final sale? Through the LinkTrackr platform, you can implement conversion tracking for everything from multiple sales, lead conversions and optin email signups. Being able to distinguish the different actions people are taking, and which they aren’t, are key to creating better landing pages and roi. All of this tracking and reporting is done through the use of a simple pixel placement.


Putting LinkTrackr Split Testing Software to the Test

I’ve been using LinkTrackr for several months now to test the performance of different landing pages and traffic sources. It’s extremely easy to setup new landing pages and rotate them to see whats converting and what’s not. For anyone who isn’t already using a tracking solution of their own, their service can help you greatly.

If you already have your own tracking solution, it’s also worth taking a look to see what LinkTrackr might have that your current software can’t do. For anyone who is still learning the basics of landing pages and not fully embraced the power of split testing, LinkTrackr can be a very powerful took for improving the performance of your ad campaigns. If you are currently working with WordPress for generating leads or building landing pages, LinkTrackr also offers a nifty WordPress plugin to easily setup tracking urls and pixels.

There are several different levels and pricing plans for anyone interested in testing LinkTrackr solutions. The basic package, which starts at just $9 a month will give you 100 tracking links and 10,000 clicks per month, and also includes advanced viral cloaking and branded domains. For the advanced and higher volume marketer, plans go up to $69 a month, which pretty much gives you unlimited everything.

LinkTrackr Split Testing Software

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  1. How effective the link traffic to landing pages? Well a lot really need to test their landing pages before they will publish it but for instance, it is very difficult to find a way. Thanks for the information about split test in landing pages. Now, they can easily identify where their traffic comes from.
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  2. I am thinking on building some landing page on my website! I think it helps us a lot on some subscribers. I never yet tried split landing page and It might be very useful for me to do this method on my websites. Thanks a lot.
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