How to Use Twitter Video to Increase Engagement

When was the last time you wrote a piece of content? If you are a blogger, it was probably just a few hours ago. Content creation is easy… getting people to actually read and engage with you content is not. However, it’s not just about the time, work and effort you put into your content promotion and outreach… it’s also about your creativity and how you deliver your message as well.

With over 300 million other blogs on the internet all fighting against you in the never ending war of content creation and eye balls, you need to stand out from the crowd.

One of the best ways to do this is by going the extra mile when creating content for your site. After all… anyone can create content, so why should someone bother reading it on your site.

After seeing one of Gary Vaynerhuk’s recent posts on the rise of video on social media, it gave me a great idea on how bloggers can start getting more immediate outreach and engagement for not only their personal brand, but also their blog traffic and outreach as well.

Here’s how you can implement this process into your blogging journey right now.

Step 1: Create an Awesome Viral Post Highlighting Industry Experts

This one is a no brainer that so many people are already doing on a daily basis, but not everyone is doing it perfectly. Here’s a good example of 32 blogger popup windows, each of which are all prominent authorities that other bloggers all look up to — not to mention they have millions of Twitter followers between them all.

The goal of writing killer expert roundup posts or resource guides is not only to “hope” they post and share your content, but to also provide value in the process.

Once you have some killer content, it’s time to move onto step 2.

Step 2: Engage with these Experts Through Twitter Video

Next, it’s time to get these expert bloggers’ attention… and here’s how.

The most immediate thought is to send out an email to them directly, or to tag them in a social tweet. While this does occasionally work, it doesn’t work well, because…

  1. Most top bloggers get way too many emails to respond to them all
  2. Most top bloggers are tagged hundred/thousand of times per day

So how can you get their attention? Through a Twitter video of course!

Not to brag, but I also get retweeted, shared and mentioned hundreds of times per day on social media as well. While I greatly appreciate all the activity, it would be very hard for me to respond and engage with each. However, the occasional few times I do get a Twitter video, I look at it and respond immediately!

A short 5-10 second clip saying “Hey Name, I love your blog and recently profiled you in my latest post. I’d love if you could check it out real quick!” can do the magic.

Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t ask for a share, just let them know it’s out there. More often then not you will get a response, or even a social share or link back.

This one simplistic and 10 second action can make a world of difference in your response rates and blog engagement. Now it’s time to implement this super powerful asset into your blog, brand or business.

Twitter Video in Action

Here’s a perfect example of Twitter video and it’s power in action. The other Brian of 413MarketingGroup sent me a dead simple Twitter video just welcoming me as one of his latest followers.

When I saw the video in my response stream I looked at it right away and sent a quick message over to Brian. His video was asking for nothing and was just a simply way of saying hi and thanks.


However, what Brian DID end up with was a feature on this blog and a link back to his site.

Yes… out of the box thinking and engagement does work.

Gary, Are You Listening?

I guess this is the part of the post where I should put all of this into action, right?

Earlier I mentioned Gary’s post that gave me the idea to write this post and share it with all of you.

Let’s see if Gary takes the time to respond with a Twitter video message of his own.

UPDATE: Less than an hour after the post went live, @Garyvee responds.

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  1. Good tips for Twitter, and pretty slick Gary videos are where it is at:) When everyone is doing generic Tweets, send personalized Twitter videos.

    You have to stand out from the crowd nowadays competition is going up.

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