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ClickBooth is recognized as being one of the leaders in affiliate networks, but what else do they have going on? It’s seems like there is always some new project going on behind the scenes or a new tool that they are offering to their network affiliates. The latest service from the company, is the ClickBooth CPC Platform. The best way to explain the product is, think Google Adsense, with a CPA twist.

As you know, Google Adsense has always been one of the easiest ways for a blog or web site to make money, but not the most profitable. Using the same concept, the ClickBooth CPC Platform allows you to place different ad spots on your site. This ad spot would then rotate and match up relevant content / advertisements for your audience. On the example below, you will see that that Clickbooth’s CPC Platform allows for thumbnail images along side the ads, which Adsense doesn’t. With CB CPC you have the option to serve Text-only Ads or Text Plus Image Ads. This should help with interest and click through rates on your ad space.

While the ads are rotating different advertisers and CPA offers within the ClickBooth network, you are getting paid on a CPC basis. The offers currently rotating through the banner spots, are a collection of the same offers running on the CB network. I currently have the banner set above to display “Business” oriented advertisements, while on my other entertainment based web site I have “Games” advertisements targeted. The CB CPC platform is still new, but I would like to see a much wider selection of advertisements available, to match with the right user demographic. I’m sure this is currently in the works.

CPA vs. CPC Advertising – Which is Better You?

Serving CB CPC is a good idea for anyone that has traffic that they don’t know how to monetize. Any generic or news related traffic would do well with the ads being served across the network. The CB CPC ads are a good example of the same ads that we see on major news sites and high traffic pages, which are being purchased on a CPM basis, then sends traffic to a flog/testimonial/sales page. These types of ads draw attention and get clicks.

If you have a web site that is already focused on a specific topic and you know what your viewers want, you wouldn’t serve CB CPC on your site. Just like if you were trying to promote a CPA offer through ClickBooth, you should link directly to that offer instead of trying to run CB CPC and see which works better. When you run traffic to offers directly, you can get a better idea of how conversion work.

Bottom line… I think CB CPC would perform best with generic audience web sites, blogs and article directories. While more tight niche web sites should individually pick out what offers they want to choose and promote to their audience.

As mentioned, I’m currently setup with my own ClickBooth CPC account and have placed a few of their CPC banners on a few of my other sites which receive a decent amount of generic traffic. I’ve also thrown one of their banners in the side bar of this blog just for some extra stats. I will follow up with their results compared to Adsense and CPM ad networks during the last week of the month. (Update: Case Study Post Here)

Join ClickBooth & Get a Free Apple iPad

Be sure to join ClickBooth CPA or CPC Network and you could get a free Apple iPad. All you need to do is join, leave “IPAD2010” in your application comments section, reach $5,000 in revenue within the first 60 days, and that’s it! Amazing deal… you only need to generate an average of $84 a day for 60 days and CB will send you a free Apple iPad. One of the best network promotions I’ve seen yet!

Apply to ClickBooth CPC & See if You Qualify!

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  1. Cool how you choose options that will tell you what you should rather have CPA or CPC.ClickBooth is getting more awesome day by day.They even sent out clicky shoes to Jonathan Volk.
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  2. Despite the minimum earnings you have to accomplish within 60 days, getting an apple IPAD 100% is probably the best approach, I'll give you that.
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  3. I think that a lot more CPA networks are going to start having more CPC offers because a lot of publishers like the model and are getting sick of using Adsense
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  4. Interesting.
    I wonder how well this will compete value-per-click wise with Google Adsense.

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  5. Can you recommend any sites with info on how to set-up these campaigns? I'm a newbie and am tired of all the hyped up info products out there. I just need one that works. Can you help?

  6. These ads really look brilliant. The play buttons seem sure to enhance CTR's. Hopefully the payouts are quite handsome too. Might join this ad network purely because of this.

    Do you reckon Google will ban you from adsense if you have competing ads such as Clickbooth's?
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  7. Very cool to see the CPA & CPC offers from CB. Love the iPad promotion too…icing on the cake.

  8. I'm searching for some different methods to monetize my weblog but I want to wait for your update earlier than I signal up with Clickbooth and integrate it into my blog page. Wanting forward to your findings Zac!
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  9. Interesting, I'm going to open an account with clickbooth to see how it works compared to adsense. Thanks for the information
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