PPC Classroom with Amit Mehta

HTML clipboardHTML clipboard I’m sure most of you have already seen Amit Mehta’s blog once or twice over the past few months. If you haven’t, he’s one of the faster growing affiliate marketers in the ppc space and has increased his revenue generation to over $2.4 million dollars with only a few years of search and affiliate marketing under his belt.

So what has Amit been up to lately? In between his speaking appearances and moving from Boston to Florida and back, he’s managed to put together one of the most anticipated PPC learning tools in quite some time. To make the program even more of a success, Amit teamed up with well known marketer Anik Singal. Today is the official launch of the PPC Classroom 2.0, so please feel free to check it out.

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If you’ve been fortunate enough to see Amit Mehta speak at Affiliate Summit or any of his other sessions, you already know he has a great passion for what he does and loves to help others. During his sessions he talks about how he went to school and got his fancy degrees, but in the end, he walked away from his high paying job to become a full time internet marketer. As a PPC Classroom member, Amit shares his personal stories and valuable information on how to grab a niche by the tail and replicate the process to improve your numbers across the board.

Amit Mehta & Zac Johnson by you.
I first met with Amit at Affiliate Summit East 2007

I could go on and on about what you will find in the program, which is a lot, but you can just click here and visit their home page which shows everything. I just started looking over the program and videos today and it’s setup very well and I’m sure it’s full of content that everyone will find beneficial. The cost is $77, then 30 days free access to the members area.

– Signup for PPC Classroom

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  1. There's too much hype about this! I'm already a member of PPC Coach, so I'm not sure how this will compete against it. The only way I can find out if it really does live up to its hype is by trying it out. For $77, this sounds like a bargain!

    1. A Bargain? just looks like another push of an affiliate selling crap but you get your affiliate commissions if you promote it… to me,Does Zac really use this? & if he does, why would he need it?

      1. No matter who you are learning from, there is almost always something new that can help you and your campaigns. I've always been inspired with how Amit taught his methods and became what he is today.

    1. Yes, he is concentrating about this PPC thing a lot this time, I guess his site become a landing page for PPC classroon 2.0 now.

  2. Man I don't normally unsubscribe to blogs, but I saw sick Amit's spam. His blog is now just another sales page. Total overkill.

    1. I just checked out his blog again… looks like he has been posting a lot on the PPC Classroom lately, and less actual content. Guess he has been quite excited about the release.

  3. amit is a great guy, Sure his video tells a lot about PPC Affiliate Marketing.

    Hey Zac, He surpass you in google search Index for keyword" Super affiliate" how do you take it?

  4. is the $77 a one off membership, and Zac hand on heart would you recommend this product to some one like me. I've had success in PPC/Adsense/Selling my own products but not enough to go full time IM yet. I think I'm so close to cracking it but just missing that little peace of knowledge!!

    1. If you are concentrating solely on ppc building, it would probably be a good investment. However, I would also recommend looking at programs like ppc coach depending on how advanced you are.

      It's a recurring membership, so if you do happen to learn something from it, or get some good take aways… you would only need to generate $30 from your campaigns a month to cover the cost of the membership.

  5. I was looking forward to the release of this as it's claiming to be a step by step elearning system to learn how to do this properly. I'm sure I'll take a look for $77 to see how much I can learn etc as I'm wanting to take myself to the next step in IM.

  6. Yes…. its not easy to sell PPC stuff (or any affiliate marketing stuff) to affiliate marketeers.

    I believe that for the veterans those kind of things will not do such different.

    But for a newbie this could be a good start.

    1. They have sold a ridiculous amount of copies/memberships within the first 24 hours. They have a massive amount of inside bloggers and marketers promoting the ppc classroom course.

  7. It's awesome to see affiliate marketers promoting others in the industry. No matter how much you think you know about a certain subject, there's always more to be learned from others. Enjoy the course!

  8. I have been keeping my eye on the new release. not sure how to take it yet, but its great you guys are doing reviews.

  9. I'm PPC Classroom student since it's birth in September 2007 and all I can say of the course – very over-delivering!!!

    The first PPC Classroom cost was over 500$ but Jeremy Palmer made his best with teaching students his personal ppc strategies.

    The follow-up webinars were just incredible stuff on setting-up lead-gen offers, finding thousands of highly targeted keywords, optimizing campaigns and so on and so forth…

    Btw, Amit made several guest webinars in PPC Classroom and he shared very cool strategies.

    All I can say of the course – I didn't ever regret a single penny I spent on it. and btw I quit my day job in July.

  10. Anybody here purchase PPC Classroom 2.0 yet? I'd like to hear what you think of it? Is it all basic stuff or was there some stuff in it that you didn't know?

  11. PPC Classroom looks like a good deal for only $77 I thought it would be hundreds at least

  12. Man Amit knows his stuff, he took off blogging to dedicate time to ppc classroom, so you know it’s legit. I’m deffinetly going to be checking this out, and writing my own review. Something tells me its going to be a good one.

  13. Have you seen Amit's newest endeavor? He now has his own software with its own affiliate program. Since he's been in the game for so long the bonuses are way more generous than they have to be.

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