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Today I’m going to highlight one of the best, if not “the best” resource for pay per click marketing. Unlike other resources and paid membership sites that provide you with a lot of information to read and research, PPC Coach goes beyond expectations by offering full video tutorials and walkthroughs. In addition to video, you will also have access to custom keyword tools, a private forum, actual case studies and newly added blogs for each member (to track your progress).

Right when you visit the PPC Coach web site, you will see two key point… “WE COACH YOU” and “WE GIVE YOU“. I can assure you that PPC Coach delivers on their promise. For the low cost of a membership, you are given access to everything the system has to offer. Whether you are a ppc newbie or a ppc marketing making some serious coin, PPC Coach will help you make even more money. Let’s take a look at what the PPC Coach program has to offer.

I can’t tell you how many programs or sites I sign up to and never end up doing anything with them, because of all the reading they have. I want real life examples and I want videos! PPC Coach is my favorite PPC learning program because of the awesome video tutorials that are offered. Another benefit to the system is that you won’t get stuck with old videos once you watch them all, as new videos and tutorials are added often. The addition of videos is what makes this program so much better than anything else out there.

A Video Screenshot from “Setting Up a PPC Campaign” Tutorial

PPC Coach Tracking System
As the Coach says it himself, “This is the thing you absolutely need to make your campaigns profitable.” Take your ppc campaigns to a higher level with deep keyword tracking by breaking down your gross margin, ROI and EPC for each ad campaign. The programis excellent for tracking with Google Search and Content Network, along with Yahoo Search Marketing. For those of you doing ppc marketing on MSN, that component is being added for the next release.

The Offer Database
This is a tool that most affiliate networks won’t want you to see… unless they are the ones with the highest payouts! Active members of PPC Coach will gain access to the “The Offer Database”, which makes it extremely simply for you to search and find the best paying offers across several affiliate networks. Not only will you see the networks with the offer, and their payouts, but with a simple click you can view their landing page as well. This tool in itself will save you many hours from having to log in and out of all the networks to find which has your offer at the highest rate.

Make Sure You are Getting the Highest Payout from the Networks

Landing Site Generator
If you suck at making landing pages, or always have to outsource your landing page designs, then the landing page generator is for you. This isn’t your average page generator, this script will create you a WHOLE SITE! Each PPC Coach member receives a zip file that they can upload to their server to create landing pages. In the “Videos” section, there are three videos dedicated towards setting up your landing page using the script, and it also covers advanced methods for better converting and more attractive pages.

The PPC Coach Member’s Forum
Access to the forum is only allowed my paying members, so you can be assured you are in good company. Unlike many other marketing forums, the PPC Coach forum is actually very active and broken down into several categories. Whether you are looking for information on the big three search engines, having landing page questions or want to share your success story, there is an active thread for you.

An Active Community all with the Same Goal in Mind: Succeed with PPC!

PPC Coach Video Summary
The PPC Coach program is an amazing resource and simply the best way to learn PPC Marketing. As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, PPC Coach is very big on making things easy for you to understand and has many videos to guide you to success. It would only be fitting to end this post with a final 9 minute video guide of what you will receive in the backend system as a member.

[youtube VyCpncsTbmM nolink]

I’ve personally been a subscriber of PPC Coach for months now and I love the system. If you are looking to get into pay per click marketing or already are a pay per click marketer, I advise you take a look at becoming a member to PPC Coach.

Join Now and Start Your PPC Coaching Campaign

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      1. There is a free section and paid section. Looking into the free section now …

        Thanks Nick.

    1. Hi Nick.

      I am looking for any software that can put everything in 1 place while at the same time giving us access to everything in one place. And then of course some nice reports for clients.

      I will check out both adwordsexcellence and ppc coach and I am willing to pay a few hundred dollars plus.

  1. Very interesting Zac … I’m going to start with affiliate marketing and I’m preparing my firsts landing pages (I have a lot of doubts :S ). If I find too many difficults this could be a good resource… 🙂

    1. Either that or he's banking off their affiliate program sign up. PPC Coach pays something around $35 per sign up LOL

  2. I've been a member since October. I think I'm about the 3rd longest member on the site right now. The help from everyone is great. Another member and I have been networking for months, that's probably the best part besides the amazing tools.

    Any questions, hit me up.

  3. PPC Coach says to use the Landing Site Generator. You send your clicks to the Affiliate Networks landing page.

    Which is better?

  4. I have been looking into signing up, but I can't seem to justify the $50/month. How much information can I absorb in the first month?

    Also, does the affiliate link pay $35 per signup, or $35 per month?

    1. Think of it this way, if PPC Coach helps you make just $2 more per day from your campaigns, you already paid off your membership cost.

    2. How much can you get out of 1 month. How does 19,000 posts of questions and information sound? But don't sign up under Zac he makes enough already, sign up under me and I'll help ya out 🙂

  5. I signed up today. I’t seems pretty cool. I’m getting the vibe that noobs getting accepted to networks is a hurdle. Any insight Browie?

  6. I remember how I tried to buy traffic through PPC system. Quality traffic was terrible 🙁 . At the same time, my friends are good and positive experience buying traffic through PPC. Maybe I just do not lucky 🙂

  7. Dustin,

    PPC Coach is only $50~ a month. You can lose that in a day with PPC if you don’t know what you’re doing (speaking from experience).

    Pay for a month, if you don’t like it, cancel. I don’t know a lot, but I know it’s better than some crappy $50 ebook.

  8. My friend joined PPC Coach. He said it is not that great.

    Your money is better spent at WealthyAffiliate in my opinion, and his.

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    I found your information online and thought you would be interested in this. I am fully aware that you are approached by opps all the time…

    Please just take a quick look at this new affiliate program: http://www.invisusdirect.com.

    The really cool part of this program is that the company has been in business over 7 years and they have a retention rate of over 80%.

    I would be interested to hear your feedback.



  10. Love the idea of the offer database, I find many aff networks a real pain especially DGM/CJ.

  11. I'm sure you will lean a few things. But this would be like a school graduating a few thousand of student with the same degree and the same town with the same set of skills. You going to have 100s of people doing the same thing.

    I think a person better off they learn on their own, developed they own strategy…

    Example, I used to sell electronics for a drop shipping company back in 1998, making a lot of money during those time, once other company start to sell the drop shipping list, my sales drop more than 95% because everyone and their mother selling in the same marketplace with the same item.

  12. Also, try AdWords Intelligence – probably the most comprehensive tool on the market.

  13. Finally a good honest review – sick of seeing the BS that most bloggers throw up about this program. Good work Zac.

  14. Hi Zac,

    Thanks for your review. I agree with you that if you are ready to take your internet marketing career to the next level, then everything that I’ve read and heard about PPC Coach is that this is the program for you. It provides a one stop shop giving you all the training and tools that you’ll need.

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