Speed Up Your Ad Campaigns with Speed PPC

I’ve had the thrill of working with the latest version of Speed PPC for setting my my pay per click campaigns over the past few months. The updated version has a lot more to offer and just if the product was valued on the amount of time it saves you on setting up campaigns, it would be priceless! The typical Google Adwords user has most likely spent an amazing amount of wasted time setting up campaigns by hand, and are limited by how many campaigns they can actually go live with. Jay Stockwell did the same for countless months, until he came up with a way to setup campaigns with ease and at a super fast rate. Now you too can setup campaigns in a flash and spend more time on monetizing your campaigns instead of setting them up.

Speed PPC Version 3 is now out and it has improved in several areas. Here are a few key features in the new program.

– Cuts your ppc costs with lower minimum bids by achieving “Great” Quality Scores
– Increase traffic to your campaigns with the mixing feature to compile long tail search terms
– Ability to create custom and unique ad groups, ads and URLs for every keyword
– Increase conversions by generating dynamic landing pages for each keyword
– Forget about Excel or CSV, export your campaigns right into the search engines

The video below was created to show a demonstration on how fast and easily you can setup killer campaigns with Speed PPC.

[youtube kAP2B_PdOq0 nolink]

There are a lot of ad campaign software programs out there, but many of them only work with setting up Google Adsense campaigns. Speed PPC is setup to work with many of the major search engines that are making people money.

7 Ways to Improve your PPC Marketing
In addition to offering the SpeedPPC program, Jay Stockwell is also offering a free email guide on “7 Ways to Improve your PPC Marketing”. At the very least you should subscribe to this free mailing list and see if it gives you any new ideas or strategies to improve your existing campaigns.

The Speed PPC program isn’t cheap, but I wouldn’t expect it to be based on it’s power and that it actually works. However… what do you consider your time worth? There are two versions of Speed PPC available, the regular version costs $397, and the Affiliate Pro version runs $497. You also have 30 days to try it out… and if for some reason you don’t like it, get a full refund!

Save time and create better campaigns with the new Speed PPC Version 3 software.

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  1. From reading what you said and what others have said in their own reviews, it actually looks like a pretty good product. The cost of it is pretty ridiculous though when you think about it. Do we do they know how many people pay for the price? I mean if it really can do what you say it can do that I'm sure people do not have to worry about paying that much money because they should get it back to their advertising PPC.

    I think that probably should just look more into this and see what others are saying about it. I do not want to feel obligated to buy it on you to find a real genuine review instead of one that comes with affiliate links.

    1. I agree. I hate to sound rude as I respect Zac, but throwing up a little content and a few links doesn't really grab other Affiliates' attention LOL

      I was hoping to see a customized video or SOMETHING?

      just a thought…

      1. I will definitely follow up with some case studies and how I have used the program. I was in Florida two days ago, just arrived in Vegas now and off to California mid next week. Expect these follow up posts some time next month.

  2. Well, like I have said before, google adwords is just a big waste of time and money. So many people are suing them because of unethical business practices. I don't mind affiliate programs, but the only once I like so far is Amazon. I don't even like Clickbank any more because of the low quality of their products. What other affiliate program are out there that are established and trust besides Amazon?

      1. LOL… 😉 Right, when you say adwords is a waste of money, you're up against 10,000 PPC marketers who have had success with it… 🙂 Actually this is the first time I have heard that adwords is a waste of money and time

    1. Amazon was where I started affiliate marketing over 10 years ago… toying around with their low percentage payouts was fun in the beginning, but CPA/CPL offers are so much more lucrative. PPC marketing and Adwords is a great way to make money, you should take a second look.

  3. thanks for sharing buddy. Actually it seems that all of the weak points of ppc have been started to be covered by these third party softwares..

  4. Ouch! $500 does seem like a lot of scratch to part with. But I guess the cost will be more than worth it if it works. In any case, the 30-day refund guarantee takes some of the sting out of it. I just may check it out.

  5. Does anyone use SpeedPPC with directlink to amazon.co.uk/.de?

    Does it can use together for saving your time?

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