Was it as good for you, as it was for .Me?

We are now past the first 24 hours since the release of the new .me domain extension. I completely forgot about the .me domains going for sale yesterday, then a couple hours after their release I saw everyone talking about them. I headed over to GoDaddy and started looking for some good names and to see what I could find. I managed to pick up a few good names, and amazingly enough, all of them went through and are confirmed.

Below are just a few of the domains I managed to secure yesterday. I have no plans for development of them yet, but may throw something together in a couple months.


Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the majority of domain buyers out there. With the new buying spree of .Me names, everyone wanted the to make cool names out of the new domain extension… such as HIRE.ME, LA.ME, AWESO.ME, and of course, the much sought after FUCK.ME. After many complaints from numerous people on Twitter, and many blog posts, it seems that many people were able to register these domains, but were then given a notification from GoDaddy, that the domain was already taken. Because of the horrible response from .Me and GoDaddy sales/processing… the whole ordeal is seen by many as a big FAIL.

If you haven’t made an attempt to buy any .Me names yet, I’m sure there are still millions of good names still available. While the higher price of $19.95 per year may shy some buyers away, it may be a good opportunity for you to come across some generic names which may help with your search listings, should you create a site around the name. At the least, you might be able to grab a good or creative name, then flip it few a few hundred bucks down the road. Early in the day I was able to come across a lot of available names, then looking them over last night, almost all were taken. A great majority of celebrity names were all taken as well.

I’m really not a big fan of all the domain extensions out there, and most of them are nothing compared to .COM and .NET… but it’s still fun to grab a couple names every once in a while. So, in the end… did you walk away with any new .Me domains you were looking for?

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  1. Which registar did you use? Ill tell ya, GoDaddy choked hard in the first 45 minutes and I lost alot of good good name b/c of it. Ended up with a few, but alot were canceled. Good times though!

    1. And one funny thing I noticed, all the above great domains like fuck.me, la.me are still undeveloped. 😀 I think registrars hold them.

      1. They do hold the domains. They did this with .name and with many other TLD's. Why sell Fuck.Me for $19.99 when they can hold it for six months and sell it for $5k?

        Is it shady? Yes.

        Does it happen? Yes.

    2. FXDomains.com were doing them for the same price as a .com (about $8)

      Unfortunately for me I jumped on the bandwagon a little late and most of the names I wanted were gone.

  2. I used Namecheap.com for my .me domain. I was able to get a really good name and like Zac said, maybe I can flip it for a few bucks down the road…. I tried to get DontHate.me but of course that was taken. 🙂


  3. I definitely concur. Congrats on Zac.Me I couldn't secure anything even though It charged me. Still waiting for the refund on You.Me.

    1. Got all the refunds Monday and even a phone call from GoDaddy apologizing. They said there was "No Way" they could have planned for that, I disagree.

  4. I wanted to secure " whatawasteofmyti.me " but lost interest when I got to the 2nd letter w. Seriously though, all the good stuff was taken quickly. Ah… what a holy grail fuck.me would have been.

    Love the usage of Vader above by the way.

  5. I had my eye on .me for a while.

    I pre-regged "inco.me". No real SEO value, but a helluva a cool, brandable name if you ask me.

    I just confirmed that only those who preregged a particular name can bid on it.

    At $99 each during sunrise period I wonder how much competition I'll have for it…

      1. If I could just determine who would pay a large sum for it now but isn't able to bid on it….. 🙂

        (probably not allowed in the agreement….)

        Thanks for all the great affiliate marketing knowledge by the way.

  6. When I read about this yesterday, I visited Godaddy and I checked for youtube.me and I was available but I don't know why I didn't buy it… obviously now, it's taken. Do you think I made a mistake? I think I could get some millions by selling that domain to Google =(

    1. I never go with those prebranded names of big companies like youtube…. especially with all the copyright issues hanging over youtube's head right now

      that being said, zac's done well with his myspace domain site

  7. I saw a lot of people complaining about this, Personally, I think it's not the big deal, .com still dominating the market, for me .me it's just for fun.me 😀 people trust .com businesses

  8. I forgot all about the land rush. .Me are a fad in my opinion. I don't really see them going anywhere. Though I must say zac.me is pretty cool.

  9. I stayed away from this whole .me hype… Pretty pricey domains and knew the competition was huge for those "good" domains. Nice ones you got there…

  10. I am a fan or .com or .net or .org only. I agree. Its fun to have some .me 🙂

  11. Very nice domain names! 🙂

    I got a couple pretty premium domains as well.

  12. lots of cool names have been taken 🙁

    it's pretty expensive though, minimum of 2 years contract

  13. I don't have .com so I snagged .me before someone else did, but I don't know if I will do anything with it. I went through GoDaddy with no problems.

  14. Agreed – but damn, I love me a .com extension any day over ANYTHING else

  15. .ME extension joins the bandwagon, but .COM is the KING. When speaking about web addresses – .COM will only be the only extension on the minds of people and all others are left way behind. If .ME suits any of your business strategy, it's fine. Otherwise – buying them could become a total waste!

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